Sunday, 28 August 2011

Pathan Dukaan Waala Joke

Pathan dukaan walay se: kese ho?
dukandar:bus apki dua chahye!
pathan:wo hm tm ko nai dega!

Pathan:dua abi 12 saal ki hai!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Eid Shopping ki Ek Kahani | By Sameer Hussain

Written by Sameer Hussain &
This script and story is entirely fictional. All of the incidents are a product of the writer's imagination.

At a local Tesco store

Rozi, jaldi karo iftaari ka time kareeb hai aur abhi hamari aadhi shopping parhi hui hai.

Shopping list nikalo, dekho aur kya kya cheezain rehti hain?

Asad (smiling):
Main husband hoon, tumhara personal computer nahin, samjhi kya?

O maaf kar bara aaya husband, shopping list kadd nithay behzti kar soon.

Tu ghaar jull main tukki sidha karsan, aye iftaaaari jaldi aa bari pukh lagi vi

Rozi (sarcasm):
Poori England main sirf tum ne hi hai roza rakha hai, baaki sab ko maaf hain naa.

Tesco se aur kuch nahin chahiye, ab chalo kapron ki shopping kartey hain, Eid ka din aa raha hai.

Teek hai meray personal computer, chalo bachon ko school se pick kar ke hum town chaltey hain.

At Town Shopping Centre

Ali aaj hum Eid ki shopping karengay aur tum good boy banogey, jaisay ek grown up 8-year old ko hona chahiye.

Aur Aleena, tumhay ek 10-year old ki tarah behave karna hai.

Ok Dad but you have to buy me lots of presents for Eid.

Mom, I want Adidas trainers and a Nike hoody.

Ok Ali we will find you something nice.

Rozi, itnay expensive kapray nahin khareed saktay hum.

Chup karo tum please, mera beyta jo maangey gaa main usay doongi.

Aye, mera beta bhi hai naa, naraaz kyun ho rahi ho.

Aisi baatein kyun kar rahay ho, aur woh bhi Eid se kuch din pehlay.

Tum nahin samjhogi, main apni marzi se nahin kar raha yeh sab baatein, yeh meri majboori hai. Tumhay pata hai naa kitnay bills aaye huay hain, oopar se mortgage bhi parhi hai.

Bassss, nahin sun sakti yeh sab, kitni baar bataoge.

Tum bina wajah naraaz ho rahi ho, main sirf baat kar raha hoon.

Is topic pe mujhey koi baat nahin karni.

Paagal ho kya, dimagh kharab ho gaya kya tera?

Don't talk to me like that Asad, stop creating a scene for God's sake.

Scene? main tumhay ek scene lagta hoon kya? Paisay nahin hain mere paas, ghar ka kharcha nahin poora ho raha aur tum shopping aisay kar rahi ho jaisay ke Queen ki beti ho tum.

Just leave me alone, go back to the car.

Main sorry hoon, please dil pe mat lo yaar. Meray kehnay ka matlab hai ke humein soch samajh ke shopping karni chahiye, kya faida expensive kapray khareednay ka. Jab hum bachay thay yeh sab kuch nahin kartay milta tha hum khush thay.

I said go away, I don't want to talk to you right now.

Teek hai tum shopping kar lo main gaari main intezaar karta hoon.

Later on in the Car

Shopping ho gayi phir?

Jee haan, bachon ke liye kapray khareed liye..

Aur apney liye?

Mujhey kuch nahin chahiye

Rozi, main apney kiye pe sharminda hoon, mujhey aisa nahin karna chahiye tha. Mujhey pata hai ke tum mujhse bhi zyada samajhdar ho aur yeh baatein tum already jaanti ho.

It's ok yaarraa, choti moti baatein ho jaati hain, dil bara ho to banda maaf kar deyta hai.

So sweet Rozi, thank you so much for forgiving me, main pata nahin kya soch raha tha, paisa kya cheez hai, tumharey liye aur apni family ke liye main apni jaan dey sakta hoon.

Thank you buddy, you're a sweetheart and I know you sometimes lose the plot but that's ok, you still mean the world to me.

Chalo phir ghar chaltey hain, Iftaari ka time ho jayega.

Let's go, can't wait for Eid, it's gonna be so good.

Of course, waisay tumhay kapray khareednay ki zaroorat nahin hai, maine tumharey liye khareed liye hain.

Paagal, pata nahin kya liya hoga, Asad, Eid kapron ke saath nahin hoti, Eid apnon ke saath hoti hai.

Script & Story Written by Sameer Hussain &

Eid Special Shayari

Chaand Raat Aayi Hai

dekhiyeh chand raat aai hai
sath khushian hazar laee hai
tum chaley aao aik lamhey ko
ham bhi manain ke eid aae hai
chaand bhia ya chand lamhon ko
jaisey tum ney jhalak dikhai hai
ham ne qismat ajeeb paee hai
Eid ka din hai aur judai hai
keh rahe hai hawa mujhey!
us ne mehndi abhi lagaii hai

Eid pe Miltay Hain

Pholon ko jis trha bhanwre milte hyn
Aao is “eid” pe hum b kahin milte hyn
Apni is chahat ko
Pyar bari rafaqat ko
Sachi lagan ka rang dete hyn,
Dunia k liye apni mohbat ko misal krte hyn
Rawani k liye jese darya samandar me khud ko pamal krte hyn
Phool jese gulshan se wafa nibane hr bar nikalte hyn

Tum Ao to Hum bhi Eid karein

Hasrat hai tumhari deed karain
tum ao hum b eid karain..
kuch dair to man ko chain mile
kuch roz to man k phool khilain…
kehte hian eid ki amad hai
ab log kuch takeed karain
tum se ye aik guzarish hai
ye apne dil ki khwahish hai…
aik bar milo

Eid Ka Din

Is Eid Per
Wo Mere Saath nahi
Magar Wo
Uski Yadain
Us Ki Batain
Sab Mujhe Yaad Hai
Us ne Mujhe
Yaad Kia Hoga
Phir Mere Khialon Mein
Khooye Huey
Tasawar Ke
Kisi Lamhe Mein
Dheeray Se Kaha Hoga

~~~EiD MuBaRaK~~~!

Eid Aayegi Kuch Din Baad

Eid aayegi kuch din bad yaaro, hoob rulaye gi kuch din bad yaaro, jinse bichre ek saal guzra woh bichre yaad dilaye gi kuch din bad yaaro, kabhi tanha na guzri thi koi eid hamari, ye eid tanha guzar jayegi kuch din bad yaaro, jo khawaab dekhti thi kabhi milne k eid par, wohi Ankh Aansoun bahaye gi kuch din bad yaaro..

Friday, 19 August 2011

Kya har koi England jaana chahta hai?

Wherever you go in Dadyal or anywhere else in Azad Kashmir for that matter, you'll come across people who will constantly go on about going to England. It makes you think, is there anyone who doesn't like the idea of going to England? It might come as a surprise to some, but the answer is yes, there are some local people who prefer living in Dadyal and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Typically, they are youngsters who have gained a good education, can communicate well in English, have relatives who have gone to England, etc. These guys and girls understand that England is no land of dreams, they wouldn't mind going there for a holiday or if they had a good job offer, however they are not ready to sacrifice themselves in order to jump on that flight. Basically, England is an option for them, not their only hope i.e. they're not banking on it.

They are also put off by the way their brothers and sisters are treated in England, they don't want people to make jokes about their immigration status or how they got their visa. These are the people that represent the spirit of Dadyal, these are the lions and lionesses of the region, I salute them for their courage, for their hard working attitude and their will power to succeed in life. Some of them will have started their own businesses such as clothes stores, web design, wedding movie production, medical stores, etc. Another group of these youngsters will be studying at academic institutions be it in Dadyal, Mirpur, Islamabad or Lahore. Then there are those who are working for companies in Pakistan, staying in say Islamabad or Muzaffarabad for work purposes and coming home to their families in Dadyal when they get a chance. 

There is a lot to learn from all of the above, it's quite simple - education changes people for the better, it gives them a mind, gives them their own thought's, the ability to reason, to discuss, to defend themselves and to change things for the better. Education is the need of Dadyal, it's not money or big houses or massive weddings, over the top election campaigns, etc. Our people need education today more than ever before, if we want to be something on our own without having to look towards another country to help us, then we have to have our own mind - something that many people in the region simply do not have.

Sameer Hussain &

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Why do we give them bad names?

After reading Sofia Ahmed's article about how people from Azad Kashmir are mistreated and given disrespectful names (such as freshie and mangethar) by British born Kashmiris, I felt that I should share some of my thoughts. I agree with almost every point Sofia makes in her article, however, I feel that she is only presenting one side of the argument. I know this article might not go down well with some people, but I'm not here to sell flowers, I present the truth as I have seen it through my own experiences. If anybody would like examples then I have several real-life examples that I can share without of course mentioning any names.

In Sofia's article, we find out about an innocent lost boy who we all have sympathy for. However, I think we must ask ourselves, how many of the boys that come over from AJK are in the situation that this poor young man is in? There may have been plenty of his kind a decade ago, but today in 2011, we are faced with a new breed of incoming youngsters. These are the guys that roam the streets of the Bazaar on their motorbikes, have the latest mobile phone and keep themselves up to date with 'international culture' through the Internet, satellite television, etc. Nothing wrong so far, no problems whatsoever. But it's when we do a little bit of digging, we realise that what goes on in inside their brain (i.e. their attitude and outlook in life) is somewhat disturbing. They have no real interest in education or work, they have money coming in from England, life is easy for them. They don't need to study or work in AJK because they are going to England one day, the land where dreams come true...

They feel that it's their right to select any one of their cousins (you bet they'll go for the prettiest one) and get married in order to fly abroad and live the life they've seen in the movies. So far so good or may be not so good, you decide for yourself. Amongst friends they will discuss their plans for England, questions like which nightclubs are you going to visit, how many girlfriends are you going to make, etc. are all pretty damn common. Remember the wife is just to get to England, once there - new friends and opportunites will open up. The wife will keep some control till the good old Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status is obtained, after that she will be crying at her fate and start to question why her parents had betrayed her by getting her married to a total clown. The poor wife won't have much of a choice, either she puts up with her husband's lifestyle (extramarital affairs are common) or she gets a divorce which will make things worse for her. Despite her husband being so 'modernised', he will always lecture his wife on how she mustn't work or go out with friends because in his head - it's ok for him to do as he pleases but his wife must be perfect.

Why did all this happen? Because somebody thought marriage was a joke, somebody made a mockery of something as sacred and pure as marriage. The girl's parents wanted their nephew to live a better life and support his parents back home, the girl wanted to obey her parents as would any good daughter. The son in law wanted to land in England and enjoy the life of his dreams. When the foundations of marriage are wrong, then what chances of success do we have? We must put this question to our community before more lives are ruined.

Now there are many good guys that come over, they spend their time working hard and long hours, they are the ones that do not deserve the bad names but because of a few idiots, even they are given the same label.

Sameer Hussain &

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Patient Old Man

When passing through a mountain pass, a bedouin (villager) once came across an old man who was blind and who seemed to be afflicted with various ailments all over his body. It was clear that he was wasting away. He was even paralyzed and was constantly forced to remain in a seated position. The Bedouin could clearly hear him say, "All praise is for Allah, Who has kept me safe from ailments with which He has tested many among His creation; and He has indeed preferred me over many among those that He created."

"My brother!" exclaimed the bedouin. "What have you been saved from? By Allah, I think that you have been afflicted with every single kind of ailment!"

"Go away from me," said the old man, as he raised his head. "Do I not still have a tongue with which I can pronounce His Oneness, and with which I can remember Him every single moment? And do I not still have a heart with which I can know Him?"

These words of the old man were enough for the bedouin to repent to Allah for his sins and ask Him for forgiveness.

Remember, there is always someone else who has more problems than you.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Dosti Ke Lamhay | Short Film by Dadyaal Online

Dadyaal Online ( presents Dosti Ke Lamhay, a short film which was filmed on Friday 5th August 2011 in Dadyal Bazaar at Zahid Movie Maker's Shop in Aarah Jattan. The two characters, played by Sameer and Waseem, meet each other at a Computer Shop and have a conversation about various topics. Dosti Ke Lamhay was produced using a Nokia E72 mobile phone which was preferred over a camcorder due to it's sound recording ability.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Electricity Problems as Ramadhan Starts

Electricity problems are frustrating and angering locals, a protest was held in the Bazaar today, during which roads were blocked and there was disruption and traffic problems on the road. Fridges are not working properly which means there are lots of people buying Ice from the Bazaar, as we can see in the photos above the Ice market has opened up again. Lack of electricity is frustrating any time of the year, but even more so in the Holy Month of Ramadhan, especially given that we are facing the heat of August.

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