Saturday, 16 June 2012

Raja Wajid ur Rehman on Islamabad Airport Counter for Kashmiris

Overseas Kashmiri Minister Raja Wajid ur Rehman discusses the proposed separate counter for Kashmiri's at Islamabad Airport in a report by JK News. Raja Wajid explains that he is aware of the needs of Overseas Kashmiris as he himself is one of them. A separate counter for check-in and other related tasks is to be introduced for Kashmiris at Islamabad Airport. Some critics argue that this is a way to separate the Kashmiris and therefore put them through more thorough checking methods though the politicians are presenting it as a facility, it might might be the opposite in 'disguise'. We hope to find out in the near future if the new counter makes life easier or is just a clever way of separating the Kashmiris from the rest.

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